Dear Customer!

Restaurant Dao Hua opened on 4th February 2011 which is the second day of the year according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar and the official beginning of spring. We chose this day because we wish the best for Dao Hua. We hope that Dao Hua can open with the sweet smell of sping and grow quickly under the rain and sun of spring.

Dao Hua offers the original taste of China. Our cooks are from China and the chef graduated from the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine – the only professional higher education cooking school in China. Here you can taste Yue-style dishes such as fried chicken fillet with pineapples or chicken with lemons in sweet orange sauce. You can also find dishes with Beijing flavor such as Gu Lu meat with braised pineapples and tomatoes and sweet Dao Hua duck. We specialise in Sichuan-style dishes like trout / salmon à la Sichuan, boiled pig ears with Chinese sauce and chili, shrimp with braised sweet pepper, pork à la Sichuan, Gong Bao chicken, etc. We also offer dishes in the northeastern Chinese style like eggplants with meat filling, Chinese dumplings, spring rolls with shrimp or chicken filling, fried noodles with shrimp, fried rice with vegetables and specialties of the house – beef with black pepper and vegetables on a hot Chinese iron skillet, chicken slices with curry and fish à la Dao Hua.

Everyone can find their favorites from the various selection of dishes in Dao Hua. We also take into account the diet of children and vegans. In Dao Hua, you can find not only tasty food but a cozy environment. We have three big dining halls with a total of 78 seats. It’s a place for business lunches, large groups and family dinners.

To sum it up, Dao Hua is committed to recreating an authentic Chinese cuisine culture. I wish for you to feel China when eating here, accompanied by Chinese music and sipping Chinese tea.

I wish Dao Hua brings you beauty, happiness and health!

Hope we meet here!

Ruihua Yang